June 15, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again

When I first heard the question: So You Think You Can Dance? My first response was: Mais Oui! - with a little interpretive dance thrown in. However, I was quickly dismayed when I was contacted by the show's producers and asked not to audition. The reason being that they wanted to keep the competition fair and let some other poor sap have a chance at dancing fame. I reluctantly agreed, and signed a paper that tells me that I can't tell you how much they paid to keep me out of it. Let's just say "my other car is a lambourgini"...

My favorite dancer from last year turned out to be the winner, Benji Schwimmer. He's been on the show a few times this year as well and my adoration has waned a little. Not that I know the guy but I just get the "my head? why no it's always been this big!" vibe from him.

I have no favourite this year as of yet, since I haven't seen a full episode due to work requirements. But from what I have seen it appears that this year the girls are much stronger than the guys, which hasn't been the case in years past. The above video is my favorite from this season. The one below is my favorite from last year... both choreographed by the same guy and I'm sure you'll find some similarities (please don't say, "yeah their suckiness!" because that will make me sad).

Nothing else is new, at the moment.

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Ev you have creepy taste...