June 09, 2007

Why God gave us the 80's.

I dare you to listen to this video and not get into the groove. It's impossible.

So it's spring, as some of you may have noticed. What this means for many in this neck of the woods is "sweltering" afternoons (check that b'y! 20 degrees!) and nights so chilly you can still see your breath.

Spring means it's been six years since high school, 2 years since university, 1 year since I moved home from Alabama, and just about one year since I started my current job. This past year has zoomed by rather quickly. I've never been a year at anything, so this is significant. Maybe not Dairy Queen ice cream cake significant, but at least little circle on the calendar significant. While I plan to make this year the time I get out of the school calendar (September-June) and actually do the same thing for a whole year, I do have some inklings about where I might go for a stint next year.

I won't tell you where, but it starts with an A and there aren't any trees.

I don't have anything else to say, because anything else occupying my mind these days revolves around sleep and the lack thereof. But I will add that exciting days on the Gentle Island are coming up quickly! I wish we could go for longer... three and a half days doesn't seem long enough!

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