August 08, 2007

Dang it!

I missed it again! The 6th was the beginning of year three for Ye Olde Blog. It was a fairly uneventful year, affected mostly by the significant decrease in posts and increase in Facebook activity. But I'm not one to let a tradition die, so I'll keeping tip typing away, even when I have nothing to say. Cuz that's how I roll.

So Saturday night I walked down to the Dartmouth waterfront to check out the Natal Day fireworks. I have a perfect view of the MacDonald Bridge from my couch, but closer is better, and since no one showed up to enjoy the moment with me, I thought I could use the adventure.

Half of the fireworks were excellent... that is, the bottom half. Unfortunately the cloud cover was a little low due to the cool air and warm harbour, so the big and boomy ones did nothing more than add a colourful lining to the clouds.

I'm alright with fireworks stymied by fog. I've been in the maritimes most of my life, and I'm aware that this is what happens in the summer. Fog is pretty constant. What drove me nuts was the loud talking negative guy standing nearby with his brood of dirty children and chain smoking wife and mother-in-law (he also had a beer shirt on, I only add this because I think it rounds out the picture nicely).

He complained about pretty much everything one could complain about in that situation, "here's our government genius at work!" was one comment (the fireworks were put on by the MacPass people, not the government). Then he said, "The guys on the bridge lighting everything must be thinking, 'what's the point?'"

I immediately pictured a group of middle aged men, running/sauntering around the bridge setting off the fireworks with a bic lighter in one hand and a can o' Keith's in the other, lamenting that all their hard work was going up in smoke...

I didn't have the umption to let him know that there was no one on the bridge, and everything was computerized, what since this is 1999 and all. In fact, no one spoke up, though one man did say, "I hate negative people!" (a regular negative comment for someone against negativity) and stormed off with his embarrassed son.

I don't really care that the fireworks didn't work out so well. There's not much that we do together as a bigger community anymore, so sitting on the waterfront with thousands of people on a cool summer evening is entertainment enough for me. Until I starting walking back to my apartment and hit the pockets of the drunk and disorderly.

Well, the sun is finally starting to come up... I came into work at 11pm tonight (last night?), which is a little bizarre. I came in already feeling a little sleepy, and I usually don't see any kids since their so well behaved and are already in bed (one can always hope).

I found a website the other day, They have flights throughout Europe for really cheap. Like $0.01 GBP. For example, round trip London to Krakow would come to about $49.78, which includes all fees and taxes. That's crazy! I know Europe is small and all, but even Halifax to Newfoundland costs the same as a small house... Anyway, the point is, I want to go on a trip, but (believe it or not) actually commiting to a place to visit (even if only in my mind) is kind of hard...

Alright, blabbering has begun. You have a nice day.

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Shannon said...

Ev'y I Love you!!
you're too great!
I miss you too - sorry that I couldn't get down... it's been a little crazy-paced around here.