September 23, 2007

I'm Farley Frustrated

Woohoo! Post 250! This means that if you read me (and subscribe via bloglines, for example...) you should comment and say how vastly interesting you find me meaningless meanderings to be.

Anyway, onto the title of the post.

Since the Arctic bug bit me about a week ago, I have spent the majority of my time obsessing over anything Arcticy that I can. This has naturally led me to Farley Mowat. First, I read "Walking on the Land" followed swiftly by "No Man's River", published in 2000 and 2004 respectively. In both books he heavily references his first book, "People of the Deer" first published in 1952 (pushed Mowat into international waters and controversy, was also influential in affecting change in how the government operates in regards to Aboriginal peoples).

I started reading that today and here's my problem. He "self-plagiarizes" in "No Man's River" referring to "People of the Deer" (that's not the problem). I just started People of the Deer (POTD) today and see the same story that was later re-written in No Man's River (NMR). My issue is the two stories aren't exactly the same... i.e. Names are different (Frans in POTD turns into Charles in NMR). Also the first time the story is told Mr. Mowat is going North by himself, and in NMR he goes North as a part of a zoological expedition with an American Biologist.

I'm not sure if it's just a different purpose in either book so he reveals different details or if I missed some line somewhere that clears things up... but I find it confusing. I've nosed around on-line but haven't seen anything relating to my question. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Mowat is listed in the phone book so I guess I could call if all else fails :)

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