September 14, 2007

Wishful Thinking and Other Thoughts

There's a little bug in my brain telling me that I should apply for a job over here. But reason tells me the timing isn't quite right. Unlike either ideas I've had the one of moving up north to the nether regions of this sovreign land has stuck around, which indicates to me that it'll be worth persuing.

It would be a short term thing... and I really wanna do it. Like really really. I figure the southern thing didn't really work out (did you know it's been almost two years since I moved there? Guffaw!), so why not try the north!

I would miss my kitties and they would miss me... but I'm pretty confident that they wouldn't like it up there and they'll be here when I get back, right Ma?

There are two movies opening in the next couple of weekends that I'm pretty excited about. The first I saw on Oprah today, Beatles musical anyone?:

A shorter trailor:

And the second is based on a book that I haven't read and don't know why not (you should really check it out, honestly):

That's about it... other than I just found a bunch of blogs from people living in Nunavut and now I super wanna go...

PS Does anyone know if there's a new baby Belli yet??? They seem to be incommunicado these days...


Ruth said...

Up north, eh? Sounds cold. The money would be tempting though, I'm sure. Keep us posted. Speaking of moving, we have one month left over here!

As of last week, there was no news of Baby Belli's debut... But in baby years that's a long time ago. So now I don't know!

Anonymous said...

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