October 24, 2007

The Error of My Ways

Though I'm fairly confident in my grasp of the English language, I have a bit of an issue with tense... I think I usually write in the passive voice, but I'm not really all that sure what I'm doing half the time.


When is it "I read by the fire...", vs. "I was reading by the fire..." ??

or "She was saying..." vs. "She said..." ??

And if you told me anything else you know about tense I would be much obliged. My issue is mostly in regards to writing in the various forms of past tense because I write a lot of reports and logs regarding what happens in someone's day.

I move to Clayton Park in one week from today, and I am very excited. That couch I tried to sell you is now free, by the way.


Holly said...

I'm a psych major so I can help you if you're feeling tense, but not so much when you're writing tense.


Cricket on the Hearth said...

Hey Ev. It's fairly straightforward - "I read by the fire" has a definite end and stands alone; "I was reading by the fire" implies that you were doing that when something else happened (e.g. you were interrupted). Same with the "said" question.