November 03, 2007

Waiting on a Natural Disaster

Well la-de-da. Looks like we be gittin' a storm.

Not like fun storms I've experienced in the past, but hopefully a good storm none the less. Unfortunately it comes just a few days after I leave my lovely ocean view, so instead of riptastic harbour waves, I'll be looking at splashes in a measly duck pond/swamp.

Not that I'll be looking at anything, because I'm working nights all weekend. The storm is supposed to hit later in the afternoon on Saturday which is just when I'll be coming into work. It's pretty much a guarantee that we'll lose power tomorrow night since sneezes seem to make it flicker... There's nothing I'd rather do than spend a Saturday night in a powerless building with bored teenagers who can't leave (caused by weather, not because they want to behave). I'll be bringing a change of clothes with me, because I have a fear that my relief will call at 7 am and tell me they can't make it in.

That would be a bad thing.

So I moved on Wednesday, as covertly as possible... I didn't find someone to move in to my apartment, or rather, I found someone but I think the office put them in another unit. But it doesn't matter, I'm all moved out so now I wait to see if anything happens as a result of my early exit.

By the way, moving is an awful experience. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if it were just me, as I've kept my superfluous accumulation to a minimum (though the wisdom of keeping every single book I've ever purchased is fading). The thing is Ma also had to move, and she has a lot more junk. Like several years worth of stuff. Much of it quite heavy. It took a long time to move things in and out of that dang truck, but we made it.

The other wrench in the plans of a smooth move is that the painter did a craptastic job, and left most of the apartment uncovered by paint. Maybe it was the lighting? Bad paint? High tide? I think he was lazy, and was caught by the fact that the paint color was a slightly different beige... Given that he was just doing a re-cover of an already painted room I guess full coverage wouldn't matter much, but it was a really bad job.

Anyway, the point is we were supposed to move everything into the middle of the floor. Which was fine at first, but the pile continued to expand, growing ever closer to the splotchy walls. The painter came back and looked at the job, and appeared remorseful. He then said there was no way he could paint it now cuz we have to much, and I quote, "crap all over the place". So we're gonna unpack a little and then give him a call. He asked if I was OK with that, but that he would prefer to know what my mother thought of this.

I said to myself, "Me adult, me know what to do" Heck, I signed the lease too. But whateva, I can handle being assumed immature every now and again.

So on the pluses sides of life I have lots of clean laundry, and satellite TV. And access to a car, and a dishwasher. And less rent to pay. And someone who knows how to cook.

Nothing can go wrong with this arrangement! Right? Nothing? Everything will be great?? Living with a parent after years of independence? What could possibly go wrong!!!

The following is a video of my friend Joel Plaskett (I can call him my friend, Facebook says so), singing a song called "Natural Disaster", it seems appropriate given the forecast. So, "batten down the hatches, Becky" and enjoy this tune. It's poor quality, and you probably won't listen anyway, but I likes it.

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