October 07, 2007

Ma Crib

In lieu of actually saying much, here are some pictures. I took them cuz my place is currently available, and just felt like posting them here for posterity's sake.
Again, not much new here. The Joel Plaskett concert was amazing. Dad's 50th birthday was educational... there were fireworks (like the real explodey kind) so it was all dandy. I gave Spill'em Properties (not their real name, though it rhymes) my notice to quit and they told me I was a few hours late, making me responsible for November's rent. I said, "What the fuzz?" and proceeded to tear the desk in twain.
Then I posted said apartment on Kijiji.ca and had it gone in about 13 hours... Not sure why they have such problems renting places. Kijiji is where it's at, y'all! I'll hear for sure on Monday whether the interested party is committed, so I have no worries.
I am on my first of 4 night shifts in a row, making a grand total of 56 hours in 5 days. Me no likey. But I have next weekend off for Thanksgiving (we've changed the calender to accomodate schedules, by the by Christmas is now in November).
There are a lot of pregnant people running around these days. Like tonnes (literally! kidding...). I've purchased some rather cute things from Value Village, even though only one of the forthcoming infants is comfirmed to be a girl. The girls stuff is harder to turn away... all cute and pink like.
I just ordered this guy's CD from eBay (you should really check out that link). It's crazy to see the Canadian prices lower than the American ones... Makes me feel giddy and patriotic. It may not lost so I'll take advantage while I can! I.E. Ps2/ Guitar Hero anyone? I would order Bruce Springsteen's new one, but I think with shipping it's cheaper in stores.

Anywho, here are les photos I was gonna post. Nothing of particular interest, but I hope you're enthralled none the less.

Gratuitous Kitten Photo

This chair is currently so hairy I can't sit on it... Good thing they're cute.

My Living Room

My Kitchen

Notice Ethan the Pig sitting on the table. He's a broken duplicate... but that's a story for another time.

My Bedroom

The Other side of my bedroom

It's mostly about the view.

The expensive crazy hair. Or crazy expensive hair?

Don't worry, it's nice and grown out now so there's a nice gap in the middle...

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I can see your floor - woot woot woot!

How lovie; the hair is crzy isn't it... butit's you - i knwo you were a rebel...
I can't dye my hair crazy cause its in my contract.. but I can live it through you!!

love ya Evy - can't wait for the Sleep over