January 12, 2008

Hailey and the Fam

Hailey's been home now for about a week. I got to visit her on the weekend, she's about 2 weeks and a day in these pictures.

Me and Hailey
Hailey and her Grampy

Hailey and Grampy Great (my grandfather)
Hailey and Grammy Great

Hailey and her Nanny

Hailey and her Daddy

Hailey's Mohawk. She had her first hair cut just after she was born so they could put in a central line. Everything's all healed up now, and she's going great.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! It looks like you are lovin' that wee one, Evelyn! So glad she is doing so well! May God bless her precious little heart.

Mahala said...

Such a sweet baby :)