January 25, 2008

I want to Dance!

Ever have that desire to write, but nothing (seemingly) to write about? Inspiration sans content, that is me.

Perhaps I should be more observant in my every day life, therefore aquiring little anecdotes to brighten your day. It's not so much that I'm not observant, as I have no life. No seriously. I have no life. I work, I sleep, I occasionally scrapbook. C'est tout.

Alright, maybe that's not all... I have dabled in the church thing again, which is great. I've been to Birch Cove Baptist a few times and it'll probably stick. My schedule has been uncooperative, making that one hour a week amazingly impossible to fit in. I may go Catholic, they have more options.

Sunday night was spent at the Lower Deck after work. A bar as old as the city it entertains. I'd never been there before, and was a little surprised at how small it is. But it's refreshingly "maritimey", quaint, and swashbucklingly festive. If Johnny Depp had stepped into the room in full pirate garb, he would not have been out of place. The band was Signal Hill, a fav among the locals. Who goes out on a Sunday night besides binging Dal students you ask? That would be those of us who are excited when Monday gets here because it means a day off.

I finally switched over to Statcounter to find out who's been visiting. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, whatever I was using before only told me the last ten visits and nine of them were usually me. 16, 500 visits later I've upgraded. What I did know previously was that the keyword that most often brought visitors was "Jillian Jiggs". I think I mentionned it a year ago, but the people are still interested. A few visitors were looking for "North Preston's Finest", the name (according to the papers) of a gang of pimps... Hopefully they mean no harm... I'm super nice!

Speaking of sixteen thousand, five hundred visits... I'm rather proud of that number as I've earned it 2-5 visits per day. Maybe I should mention Jillian Jiggs and pimp gangs more often?

My latest internet guilty pleasure is visiting a number of Northern Blogs, written by people who make their living north of the tree line. I know I've said it before, but I really, really, really want to move there. I consider it often. I've been checking the job postings in Noonavoot, but there hasn't been much I'm qualified for. They send most of their kids to Alberta when they're in care, and I haven't determined if there's a group home there or what.

Today I read "The Bad Mother's Handbook" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've ended up being a picky reader, I used to read anything that was handy, but now if I'm not grabbed by the author's style in the first page or so, the chances that I'll actually finish it are slim. I cannot stand cheesy or predictable writing, it makes me bonkers. And there are major demerits for typos. When I publish my Oprah Winfrey book of the month and Giller Prize nominee, there will not be a tpyo. I pormise.


Shannon said...

Quick - let me know your Weekend schedule? for this week too.

Emily said...

I have also of late been having the desire to write, hence my even being on blogger today! Oh for the time..