February 19, 2008

Take, and eat ye all of it

For those of you whom I have lived with or in near proximity to, it is no surprise that I get myself in culinary ruts. For example, Shannon told me she had a dream where I was eating pasta with Ragu sauce with cheese on the side. I lived on that for about two months... I told myself that it was because I lived on a "month before the student loan came in" budget and didn't have the money to explore. But that's not entirely true, I'm a creature of habit and a lot of the things I do are just repeats of what I did yesterday.

Another fallback was rolls and tuna, then there was the alphaghetti and roast beef sandwich. And the tuna sandwich with cinnamon roll and grapefruit juice that I'd buy at the cafeteria. Just not on the edge of tastebud exploration, I guess you could say.

This came to mind last night as I was preparing my lunch for today. I commented to my roomie that I've cooked a lot of chicken boob (my words exactly) throughout the years. Then I said I should have a cooking show, and she cleverly quipped that it'd be a show where I just make the same thing everyday. It'd be a smash.

The salad I've made of late for lunch includes:

Mixed greens (they look like weeds)
4-6 grape tomatoes
3-4 strawberries
1 mini cucumber
1/4 green pepper
2 slices of apple, chopped up
1 spoon of chick peas
A little grated cheddar cheese
No dressing, cuz I don't like dressing.

And I put it together in that exact order. I have to or it's not right. Then the chicken is cut up and I mix it in a bowl with olive oil, cayenne pepper, pepper and a little garlic, then I cook it on the stove in a saucepan.

This has been going on for a week and a half, and I think I should move on before I get bored and go back to alphagetti. But change is hard, and I'm not very good at it unless I plan it out...

I think I have a touch of the OCD, not necessarily in the neurotic check the doorknob fifteen times before I leave, just in that I am content when things are a certain way. I.e. at work I must always have a water bottle and lip balm, or the day is ruined. The flower pot of pens needs to be on the right of the phone. In my bedroom the fan has to be on, the door has to be open a few inches, but not much more, so the cats can come in and out. I usually need things to be in the same place, especially in the morning, or I get lost. Like this morning... my hair dryer was on the other side of the sink and I couldn't find it for five minutes.

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Oberon said...

......chicken boob?.....lol.