February 22, 2008

A New Dawn

Heard at dinner this evening as my brother was dishing up his supper alone in the kitchen: "Why isn't our family more popular? We are funny..."

I find his use of the word "popular" odd... but then so is he. My sister-in-law told me recently that when she first came over to visit when she began dating my brother, she had no idea what we were talking about half the time, and didn't know if we were being funny or just bizarre. I like to think it was a combo. Apparently we have a different way of communicating. Fortunately it doesn't result in physical violence as much as it once did.

I joined the gym on Wednesday and boy are my arms tired. I've been twice, once to a co-ed and once to the women's version (my membership allows me to go to any of them). I much prefer the women's, mostly because I like the set-up and it's newer and cleaner. The elliptical machine and I had a bit of a falling out, however. There's something about the position of the feet thingys at the women's gym that just doesn't jive with me. When I got off I couldn't walk without my knees collapsing, so I had to kind of saunter non-chalantly while I panicked on the inside that I had to walk up some stairs to get to the circuit.

I was still having walking issues when I finished the circuit so I opted for the bike rather than the treadmill for fear of recreating a scene from Rescue 911 when the kid got caught under the escalator. I still couldn't really walk normally until a few hours ago (it's now 5am), because my leg muscles tensed up enough to finally support normal movement. Nothing hurt after the first trip, but after the second gym visit my muscles are starting to notice I was using them on purpose. And they don't like it.

I was going to go this morning before I went home to sleep, but I work tonight and I remember hearing that it's not a bad idea to rest a little in between, plus I haven't slept since the last time I was there. I'll be back tomorrow though! I'm committed to payroll deduction for a year, so that's some motivation...

Since I've changed my eating habits (with only a few minor misdemeanors involving some bad for me bread and some oatmeal cookies), I've noticed a significant change in energy. Generally when I wake up, post night shift or not, I still feel zonked. But now I can get out of bed and feel awake and energized, which is a nice change! My mood has also generally improved as well, and even without ice cream!

I'm getting a laptop today and I is very excited. I've already picked out the one I want at the stupershop, and I've done the price comparison with the quasi competition. I'd like to not be bamboozled by the desperate commission guys, though it takes me long enough to get customer service as it is I think I'll be ok. I'm perhaps most excited by the fact that I'll also be getting an all-in-one printer and can now scan some photos of yester year. I'm hoping to maybe change the look of this blog as well, if I can figure it out. I'm not the best at techno babble, though I'm an excellent smile and nodder.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, its like stand up comedy but way different...
F you make me laugh out loud and bring tears to my eyes....
Love It!