March 06, 2008

Annnny Minute Now

My SIL had her regular weekly doctor's appointment today and things are progessing nicely. As I'm sure you already know, my nephew, Sheamus, is due to be birthed March 7, which coincides with tomorrow. Apparantly she's 2 cm dilated and in the doctor's words, "It'd be really easy to break your water."

She didn't, so we're still waiting. We went for a walk this afternoon to try and encourage things along but as of right now I haven't received any "hadababyitsaboy" phone calls at work.

Twice this evening someone has asked me if she knows what she's having and twice I've answered "girl". I've known since... a long time that is was going to be a boy... odd...

She and my brother are currently staying at our apartment given that they're humble abode is a humble hour drive from the hospital. There is an appointment on Monday, so if things don't kick into gear over the weekend, Sheamus will likely be here by then.

I'm guessing BJ (SIL) is still feeling pretty well, given that she was skipping down the hall and running around the living room this afternoon. Mayhaps she is a bit excited?

It's really quiet at work these days... and like always, I'm in a bit of the blahs. You'd think hearing that me and three others will be presenting at the National Youth Care Conference this October in PEI would excite me, which it does, but it also makes me queasy in that "holy crap I'm presenting in front of big wigs from all around the world and I have no idea what I'm doing" kind of way.

Good times. When it's quiet at work I feel listless, aimless, and tired. Which is odd, because "busy" means threats, police, errands, swearing, needing to do, GET! ME! JUICE! and etc. But I'm a fan of chaos and emergencies, so when there aren't any I get a little bored. Maybe I should go pull the fire alarm... yeah...

So hopefully tomorrow the two of you who happen to search for J*llian, J*illian, J*illian J*ggs and stumble across my blog will see a birth announcement.

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