March 14, 2008

Mmmmm, newborns smell gooooood

These pictures are already outdated because he's changed so much even in a day. As you can see he was pretty blue when he came out. I guess he can reach the top of his head when he stretches which someone said is a bit unusual. We think he's going to be a football player...
BJ was pushing for maybe 45 minutes, and in the process the cord got tangled around his neck. He pinked up very quickly and even early on he was responding to voices (turning his head to the noise), and he's still getting the hang of breastfeeding... He likes being with mommy so much that he just falls asleep when she gets ahold of him. She's determined though, so they'll keep working at it.
I arrived at the hospital around 4 in the afternoon. She had gone in to be induced earlier in the morning and was progressing quickly. When we called at 3 she was 6cm, and at 4 she was 10cm. I was in the room for about 15 minutes chatting away with BJ who was enjoying her epidural. They kicked me and her sister out when it came time to push so we were in the waiting room not watching Oprah. About 20 minutes later we hear "Neonatal room 307 Stat", which just so happened to be BJ's room. So we start freaking out! No update comes, but I figure that my mom wasn't kicked out so maybe it wasn't that bad.
20 heartwrenching minutes later mom comes out and tells me Sheamus has arrived and is doing great, which was a huge relief!! It's a teaching hospital and the main centre in the province, so they tend to overdue things. They called the NICU people because he arrived so fast, and because of the issue with the cord. He was in the NICU for the night, needlessly as the doc said the next day, but as of 2pm today he's up in mommy's room!
Between pushes BJ said, "This is great!" and was giggling, the nurses thought she was kooky. Apparently she was the best pusher of the day.
I got to hold him for the first time today and it was great! He's so tiny and small... I was trying to find a trait that I could remember when he's older, but he's just too darn perfect :) This is the first baby on my side of the family, so it's a pretty big deal. I luvs him already!

There are new pictures from today, but they're at the hospital. He's much cuter now that he's started getting over that whole birth thing... Thankfully the football head is starting to round out.


richmanwisco said...

yeah, they smell good until they start pooping.

Ruth said...

Congrats Evelyn on becoming an uncle. Cute baby!