March 21, 2008

Even Keel

Lately I've been feeling like I've reached a certain homeostasis, and things have been running fairly smoothly... That's not to say that exciting things haven't happened, i.e. new nephew (who is doing great, btw, though I haven't seen him since he left the hospital). But generally there hasn't been much to drag me down or pull me up in the past little while. I go to work, I sleep, I go to the gym, to the library, to Walmart...

I needs a change, but don't I always think that? I think it's mostly that I don't feel very focused at the moment. I'm not really working towards anything, just moving through each day without a defined destination. School? Trip? Move? Dog? I dunno...

My perceived blahness tends to be associated with how things are going at work. It's been quiet the past little while, with no really significant challenges.

Maybe I'll just get my hair did, that tends to lighten things up. Unfortunately sameness does not create a great deal of fodder for the blogdom. I can't seem to find my muse or memento mori these days. Maybe someday I'll get a position with a regular schedule and I'll get to do regular things with regular people, I know they're out there somewhere!

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