May 30, 2008

I Tried

I thought for a minute there I might get back into regular blogging, but alas, it was not to be...

Thanks to those who replied to my "begging for comments" post. It was an attempt to see who the "stangers" out there are, but hearing from friends is OK too.

Nothing really new on the homefront. Just the regular trifecta of work, eat, sleep. Some days I go to the gym, but I don't know the word for "four" things of awesomeness. I visited with Sheamus a few days ago. Make that the strange infant that ate the baby formerly known as Sheamus because dangity dang he's getting big!

I think I have a calming effect on the child because everytime I hold him he leaves a treat in the nappy. It's not for me though, I make sure daddy gets to enjoy that particular moment of scattelogical bonding.

I've applied for some full-time terms and positions and I'm really hoping I land one. I'm antsy for some regularity because there are things in the big wide world I'd like to do, but can't since my schedule changes so frequently. We shall see...

If you like the Barenaked Ladies (or even if you don't), I suggest you check out the video in the post below. They have just released a kids album (Snacktime) and it's delicious. At least this song is... I haven't heard anything else. Enjoy.

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