July 26, 2008

It's Happy Week

In a cosmic twist of fate I had to take the bus to work this morning. Not so bad you say? Good for the environment you say? All true, but my having to get up earlier and leave earlier is in no way good for the followers of "The Secret" because I emit enough negative energy under those circumstances to knock out Eckhart Tolle. Early is not my thang, but it happened, and I have lived to tell about it.

So I was on the bus today enjoying the serpentine route the #4 takes through downtown Halifax. I love downtown Halifax, it's cool, trendy, and quaint. I'm so not cool enough to be there... *sigh* anyway... This week happens to be Pride week. I was reminded of this when driving down Gottigen past several colourful flat-bed trucks with half naked men in cut-offs bopping about. It was a bizarre thing to see that time of day. Any time of day, really, if you think about it...

Day two past chiropractic adjustment, and things are great. I can move my neck more (though it still twinges every now and again) and no headache. I feel like I have to sit up more now so I don't waste the money.

I get re-cracked again on Tuesday, and I'm kind of looking forward to it. I'm seeing a connection between all the knots I have in my neck and back on the right side with other right side problems... the sore hip, the plugged ear... could I be lopsided? Maybe I lean too far to the left?

Tomorrow I'm going to go out on a limb and set some goals for the week. Maybe I'll share them with you, maybe I won't. But whatever happens, we'll always have... have... we don't have much, do we? Who are you anyway?


brandy said...

That really would have been a sight to see while on the bus! As for early mornings.. ugh. I'm so with you. Thankfully, I'm on holidays. I realized yesterday that I unplugged my alarm clock on the last day of school and I've yet to plug it back in.

sleepyjane said...

"re-cracked" sounds like so much fun. Okay note really.

Awesome blog, love your sense of humour!

sleepyjane said...

I meant not...

And I almost just wrote meat instead of meant.

I'm not really and idiot. Most of the time.