July 30, 2008

Lampooned Summer Vacation

I have to be honest... I'm annoyed that the annual summer camping trip has turned out like it has. The past two years some friends that I went to school with went camping and it was super fun. It is/was going to be an annual thing. We started planning a few months ago, a bunch of people wanted to go, and now though they still want to go but for various reasons can't. So it leaves me and one another couple.

A few minutes ago, the rest of this post was about how I was annoyed that my summer vacation relied on other people. It's not that I'm annoyed at the people, life happens... but things depended on other people's lives working out and that's not really reliable at all. I was annoyed not because I'm single, but because I'm single and all my friends are married - and that makes things harder.

But since then, we rearranged our plans and are now probably going to camp for free in my grandparents backyard, which happens to overlook the Bay of Fundy. We're going to go to yardsales, the Zoo, maybe hit a historic site or two, and eat s'mores around a bonfire on the beach.

I think that sounds alright...

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Shannon said...

Aha I just wrote a post about the camping thing too - aha... We're great!