July 02, 2008

Let the Wind Carry Your Blues Away

Once upon a time, Dennis Wilson, the under appreciated second oldest Wilson brother, and founding member of the Beach Boys, did a solo project and called it Pacific Ocean Blue. And it is awesome.

Pacific Ocean Blue was originally released in 1977 and enjoyed moderate success before spinning off into obscurity. The album was out of print until a two disc special edition was released the end of June.

I forget where I heard about it, but I downloaded a track the other day, listened to it, and then downloaded the rest of the tracks because as I said, it's awesome.

Maybe it's the "mystique" of posthumous creativity... maybe it's because he was friends with Charles Manson (pre-murder). Maybe I was really born thirty years earlier... Whatever the reason, I love this record. I even have the whole kit (and caboodle, in case you were wondering) on my Creative Zen (the poor man's iPod), and not many artists get that kind of recognition.

If I were to make a movie, Farewell My Friend would figure prominently in the soundtrack. I luvs it. That and River Song, though River Song is pretty obviously from 1977 and very "Age of Aquarius-y" (which was incidently released in 1969), so unless it was a period movie, I don't think it'd be on the soundtrack... but I still like it. It's ridiculously sick, as the young ones say.

Dennis Wilson died in an alcohol related drowning in December of 1983, when I was 6 months old. Not really one of those "what were you doing when" moments for me, but it coulda been, and that's what counts.

I know a carpenter who had a dream
Killed the man but you couldn't kill the dream
Who said it was easy
People gotta be free
And the band keeps on playin'

- Dreamer from Pacific Ocean Blue

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