July 02, 2008

Pocket Full of Sunshine

I work in a windowless building that is by the nature of my work filled with teenage boys. This, plus the fact that I work a lot of nights, makes it difficult for me to adjust to it being summer... Other than of course, the glowing stench of body pits and rotting sneakers...

Boys stink... but if you tell them they stink, they just cover it up with gobs of Axe, which is probably worse.

At any rate, in an attempt to get in the spirit of things I went to a gas station and got a slushie. A large, delirously blue, deliriously awesome slushie. It's like they bottled summer and then froze it, just so you could slurp it up and bask in the sugary goodness. But not too fast though, for the buzz kill of the first summer slushie is the inevitable brain freeze. Often so intense it makes you wonder if you'll ever see colour again.

I used to work at a gas station where they had the obligatory slushie machine, just to the left of the beef jerky and marshmallows. I'm not sure who was responsible for cleaning it, but I'm pretty sure that since I was the one wearing the blue and red polo with the name tag, it was probably me who was supposed to do something about the mold growing around the tap. I never touched the thing and cringed whenever kids would slop the sticky goodness into a plastic cup...

As far as I know, know one's ever died in any slushie related incident, so I'm probably off the hook.

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