July 09, 2008


I saw this meme and felt inspired...

1. My Kitchen Sink

2. Inside My Fridge

It appears that we may need groceries... mmmm, half eaten chicken carcass... but we always have lots of condiments!

3. My Favourite Shoes

The strappy sandals are my new favourites because they are strappy sandals. My feet do not easliy fit into any kind of shoe, so to find a pair like this was a special moment. Too bad they kill... The other pair are favs because they're pink.

4. My Closet

This apartment has zero storage space, so this is the best I've got for the moment.

5. My Laundry Pile

Don't worry, it's much bigger now.

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now

As you can see I don't actually have kids per se. I do however, have two cats. Hank was hiding. Currently both cats are stretched out in front of the window fan.

7. My Favourite Room

My room... I likes it. Though I appear to have some issues with colour coordination. All in good time my friends!
8. My Most Recent Purchase

The most recent purchases have either been food or presents, but these were fairly recent. Here we have a Rockstar stack of scrapbooking paper, because no match seems more natural than rockstars and scrapbooking ($5, Chapters Last Call Table). The long awesome plate thingy that serves little to no purpose was also a find from the last call table at Chapters for $5. So were the two leather albums, a measly $2 each. Lastly is the little notebook lying on the paper. It's Alice in Wonderlandy, and I luvs it. I'll put it on the shelf next to all the other empty, though pretty, journals.

9. Self-Portrait

This is me... after working from 7am-7pm... note the hint of crazy, only slightly obscured by the fatigue. Taken with my laptops webcam. Yes, I'm in my pj's.
In true meme style, I have to tag some people. However since most of my friends don't blog regularly and other people don't know I read their blogs, I don't have much to pick from. So here goes: Shannon, Emily and Amy (whom I don't know, but she linked me, and that makes me happy).


Anonymous said...

I like this post! Mind if I steal it and add one on my blog? :)

Anonymous said...

Ev, in the picture of your bedroom, is that the table that we made in grade 8 industrial arts??? lol

Evelyn said...

cuddcudd - of course!

ashco - it definitely is! it's not big enough to actually be useful for anything, and it has a bit of a lean - but I love it anyway :)