July 08, 2008


BoingBoing has brought me a great deal of joy lately... It sure is a directory of wonderful things.

I was recently introduced to a little site for a Mini Book Expo. Here's the dilly. The site runner... I think her name is Lex, gets books from publishers. She then posts some info about the book and how many copies are available. You comment on the post, and tell her you'd like to review it. She sends it to you (at no cost to you), and you post a review on your blog. Pretty sweet, eh?

The sugar on top is that it's a Canadian site, and it's pretty much exclusive to residents of Canada (or at least those with a Canadian address). You can only get two at a time, in order to share the love, but as soon as you post your review, you can sign on for another one.

The two I'm presently waiting for are:

Vacation Adventures on a Cargo Ship - Adrian Peetoom: "In Vacation Adventures on a Cargo Ship, Adrian Peetoom recounts his voyages aboard the container ships Ville d'Aquarius and Sydney Star. Adrian and his wife, Johanna, had long been fascinated by cargo ship travel as a way to journey to foreign ports at a much more reasonable cost than the trips offered by large cruise ship companies. After Adrian retired from his publishing career, the couple embarked on two voyages. What Adrian and Johanna experienced will fascinate armchair travellers and those who may be interested in investigating container ship travel for themselves. "


Stuck in Downward Dog - Chantel Simmons: "Dumped by her boyfriend, stuck in a job she hates, and living in a basement apartment, Mara realizes it's time for an identity makeover. She devises the "OM List," a personal pathway to perfection that will guarantee her finding the perfect job, creating the perfect home, cooking the perfect meal, and being the perfect friend. Mara hilariously tries and fails at all the things she thinks will make her the sophisticated grown-up she wants to be."

The Downward Dog one has the potential to be very lame, but the lead character is 25, and that's a number I'll be introduced to this time next week!

So stay tuned for those reviews, I'm sure they'll be spectacular.

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