September 05, 2008

Coming Up

Stay tuned for full coverage of the annual 50 Mile Yard Sale happening tomorrow. It runs from Dutch Settlement to Sheet Harbour, and since you don't know where those places are, just believe me when I tell you that's a lot of miles of junk. Hopefully some of that junk will find a home with me.

I'll have my eye out for:

White Ceramics
Interesting storage/display thingy to replace my press wood bookshelf
Floral Sheets - used sheets are sketchy, this may or may not happen
Vintage Fan
Fabric that catches my attention
Mid-Century Occasional chair/Desk Chair

What I expect to find:

Thousands of VHS tapes - give it up people! They're garbage!
Thousands of Harlequinn Romances
Lots of Kitchen Gadgets
Figurines representing the minutae of human and animal life (or a mix of the two)
A plaque telling you to stand closer, because it's shorter than you think
CD's representing the various stages of Britney Spears
Plant pots with eyes and mouths glued on them and baby's breath for hair.

Oh wait.


Shannon said...

So Great!
I loves the yardsale.

so If you happen to find tupperware - grab some for me will ya. aha

PS - I don't think you shoudl mock those pot thingys. They represent the folk art of the valley

richmanwisco said...

is there nothing you can't glue googly eyes to and call it art?

finds me some wind chimes made out of scrap metal.