September 04, 2008

Fine, I'll Do It

I'm not sure why this blogging thing has been such a chore lately, but I've been avoiding it. I do however, feel obligated to do something, so here I am. 

So it looks like there'll be an election in October (in Canada, that is), but who'd know it! It's either a really, really good idea for Stephen Harper to call an election before the Americans do their thing, or a really, really bad idea. On the one hand, no one will be paying attention and or be fully informend, or on the other hand, no one will be paying attention and or be fully informed. It good go either way for Steve-0. 

I'm trying to choose to be informed and concerned about the goings on in my own country, but things are definitely overshadowed by the States. I can do something about the things here, I can have a say - this is where my brain should be (and my patriotism). And it is, it's just hard to figure out what's going on. Maybe if one of our party leaders was pregnant they'd get more attention. 

So this weekend there is a gazillion mile yard sale through Musquodoboit (I bet you said that wrong), and up to Truro. Yes friends, I will be there. There is quite a junk racket going on the rural parts of Nova Scotia. Absolutely everything is for sale. I'm not quite sure how anyone is surviving, but apparently selling crap is quite lucrative (ludacris?). What would be ideal, is for there to be some way to melt all this junk down and use it's power for good. How much of it does one person need? Hopefully things are a little more promising this weekend, but I'll bring my camera just in case. So you should be my facebook friend :)

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