October 01, 2008


Yeah, so the storm was nuthin', just some rain and wind. Not good if you're a recent Red Cross volunteer like myself, but awesome in that the leaves are still on the trees and there are hints of vibrant reds poking out of the woods. 

I loves it when the leaves are more red than yellow - yellow leaves are a slice boring, but thanks to a ridiculously wet summer the woods are fire-y. Maybe I'll go for a walk in the woods, maybe I'll just take a picture from my balcony, depends on how adventurous I feel I guess!

I'm super happy to have Thanksgiving weekend off this year! We spend Thanksgiving at my Aunt's cabin just outside of the Keji national park and the drive down is stunning. Nova Scotia isn't exactly known for it's mountainous terrain, but the little bumps we do have are simply decadent this time of year! The cabin is on a little lake that's usually too cold to go canoeing on but we do anyway, and the food is awesome. Mmmm, cheesy potatoes, turkey, stuffing, homemade wine............ It gets a little boring once the cribbage breaks out, but hopefully there are enough little cousins to keep me entertained. 

And then there's Sheamus.
I'm smitten. He's six and a half months already?? Geesh... He's still awesome and growing like a weed. He's just over 20 pounds, eats anything his momma gives him, including spinach and artichoke dip, he's conquered crawling backwards and makes silly grunt noises when he's trying to go forward. His eyes are still bright blue but his hair can't decide if it's red or brown. 

I used to have more to write but he's.... just.... so.... distracting......  


Danielle-lee said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Blue eyes on a boy have always been a weakness for me. Sighhhhh.

beccajanie said...

He. Is. So. Adorable.