August 29, 2005


So, Katrina. Big storm. And also more kindling for the "I don't want you to go" fire.

"You know, they have like 12 big hurricanes there a year."
"This is the fourth big one since last fall."
"Nuh-uh! You're going right at the beginning of hurricane season!"
"Hurricane season begins in June."
"Yeah, but this is when the big ones are."
"Yes mom."

The other information I've offered but was immediately rejected is the fact that I will be in Northern Alabama (30 km north of Huntsville) where it won't be as strong. Though I guess anything that might cause tornadoes is worth some worry.

My goal for today is to take inventory of my belongings. A kind of clean sweep, except minus the garbage pile since I am a diagnosable pack-rat who almost had a panic attack when ma threatened to throw out my grade primary work.

I'd like to have a moving sale, though the logistics might be difficult since we don't have a lawn. A balcony sale may be less effective.

I have decided to sell my guitar ($375 for everything, obo., if you're interested). I used to think I'd keep it forever, but by the time I have time to learn how to play, I'll be able to afford another one. Like a bad relationship, I'm just in love with the idea of owning a guitar. I'm not actually interested in playing it, or all the maitenance involved in actually owning a guitar.

Dear friends, we are already living spread out lives!!! Andrew and Emily have left for Ottawa, Ruth will be off to the valley, I'll be off to the great brown yonder, school and jobs are going to start soon! We need an address list, I want to send Christmas cards and unless I start now it'll never get done!

have a lovely day.

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Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y

I Love you! and you can mail me lots of cards.

Don't worry about Hurricanes... no worries.

When are you coming Truro??

Call Me