November 21, 2005

No Time

Busy. Working 11 days straight (that means being here for 11 days, but I have a few nights off along the way.

No time to update either, or stay in touch, which stinks.

Here's what's up:

Small forest fire. Happens on the same day a watermain breaks and we're all out of water.
More threats. Kids are generally unruly.
More tornado warnings, but without the siren.
Got my SSN which means I can open a bank account the first day I have a weekday off. Which also means I can send people the money I owe (wink, wink)
Can start thinking about a car again.
Lot's of people are quitting work, seems to be an epidemic.
Tired, but not sick (like everyone else).
Got called in on my three day weekend (which means I'm here for 11 days).
Going to Tennessee for Christmas (which means I get to live out that Amy Grant song, cool eh?)

anywho, I'm getting the evil eye from some boss types, so I better get back to work. Sorry for the short update!


Anonymous said...

I need more than this, I miss you like crazy and I check everyday for updates.....:P
Sounds like things are good, thats great.
Hailey's well, shes eating cereal now and just got her ears pierced, shes still teething and fussy... Maybe shes fussy cause she misses you... that must be it.
Take care,
More updates please.
Love ya,

niccib said...

Glad your SSN finally arrived. If you need any help figuring things out give me a shout!


Holly said...

Ohhhhh it doesn't like you're having a very good time... Come home soon! (Kudos to you for not being a quitter though!)