December 02, 2005

And so this is Christmas...

I just want familiar for a just a little while, is that to much to ask? I guess so, since it's stinking expensive to get home.

I got news about the Canadian government issues from The Daily Show. How pathetic is that? I'm really starting to get what my American friends in Canada were dealing with. Day to day is so much the same, but just a little bit different. And it's the just a little bit part that gets to you...

Things are going just fine. It feels like I'm working to much, and it feels like I don't have any time to spend keeping in touch with home, which is all very true. I might get a few minutes on the computer every now and then, but it's always a debate between sleep or email.

Regardless, I still love being here, it's just the not being able to keep in touch with home and life there that bugs me the most.

The girls are still crazy, but I really don't care any more. The day I let little girls who can't control themselves tell me what's what in the world is the day I ..... do something crazy?? I guess??

Anywho, I wish I could write more, but I really don't have the time... We're getting up at 4:30am tomorrow because the ladies have issues with time management. Oh yeah, and running away.

But all that for another day! And did I mention that it's almost Christmas? And it kind of snowed here this morning?? (It was hail, but it still looked like snow, gimme a break!)

ciao, ciao!


Shannon said...

Oh Ev'y.

I love you! and Mis you - and wish i could see you this christmas... But i know that i can't - sigh.

i would like to say that if its between sleep or eamil sleep first!

I hope your christmas will be full of good cheer... let me know waht dayas you get off and i'll call ya!

ciao ciao

Holly said...

Well Ev, if it's snow that you miss, you can have some of ours! Haha, well we haven't really had that much snow, but i'm sure we'll be getting a whole lot more... But you can definitely have some of our cold! I miss you and i'm glad you like it there even though you don't get enough sleep. Love you and miss you sooooo much!

Andrew said...

How cowinkydental that your blog title pays homage to John Lennon on the 25th anniversary of his assassination.