December 10, 2005

Still Alive

So here's where things are at:

Job - It's like running up a steep hill (not that I do that often, but work with me here). At first you think everything is going to be alright, it's tough but you can make it. Right now I'm at the dreaded middle part that is seemingly endless. The part where you don't really want to go to work because you know that for three days you are going to be tired, cranky, cold, hungry and having to pee.

As a sidenote, the kids hate me with a fiery passion. I don't take it personally, but it still wears on a person. Especially since I really don't know why. They think I'm rascist because I didn't punish the spanish girl immediately.

Life - re: Job. They are one and the same. The only people I know are people I work with, and so when we're together we only talk about work. And not stimulateling theory conversations about work. It's all stinking gossip, and makes my brain hurt.

Is there anything else? Not at the moment. I can't handle most Christmas music because it makes me homesick. I went Christmas shopping but I kinda missed the deadline so some of you are going to be celebrating Chinese New Year this year instead (if that's alright).

I don't mean to do a woe is me post. But I can't really talk to anyone here so you're going to have to deal. So there.

I'm off on Monday morning until Thursday morning, so if you have the ability, please call me!!! I miss people!!! Why did I move so far away? I'm sure Connecticut is nice this time of year... I hear you had a snow storm at home. It's currently 57 degrees outside here.

Gotta run, my hour and a half break has turned into 30 minutes so I best go deal with whatever "crisis" has arisen...



richmanwisco said...

Hang in there, Evelyn. This whole racism is tricky. I'd be willing to wager that these youngsters don't really understand what it is, only that victims. They don't even understand what the generations before them had to endure. And yet "racism" exists because it explains everything.

Holly said...

Wow Ev. I remember when I was their age... Ouch. I wouldv'e killed me, had I been my mother... I can't imagine having to deal with a whole crapload of them! We miss you too and can't wait to see you! I don't think DeeDee and Ross have long distance to the States, but I really wanna call you! We'll see what I can do. Love you and miss you. I be praying for you too. :)

Emily said...

What's your number and your mailing address????

oh.. and I think I get your analogy, only having just spent a day in prenatal classes I think it sounds like labour...

Andrew said...

No, it's "'Christ' has arisen".