December 17, 2005

My eyes be gettin' heavy

One thing I've learned is that a diet coke before bed can only mean bad things. I.e. the caffeine keeps me up all night. That and leaving a window open when the temperature goes below freezing and the fire goes at around 11 pm. So anyway, I'm sleepy now but I decided to sacrifice some precious time to update you dear folks!

Not much is new, I'm getting very excited about Christmas (next weekend! holy crap). I called my auntie and uncle about getting to their house and I think it's going to be a lovely couple of days. They even made me a stocking! I'll be sharing a room with a 3 year old, which I can only imagine will be similar to my current working experience only with a more high pitched voice and less cussing.

So, my ma and bro are now blog readers though they've decided to stay in the background and haven't made comments yet. Losers...

I rented a car last off-shift and it was awesome. I even got to go get my liscense changed over (so now I'm really a fake American!). I still haven't shipped the box of goodies or any cards yet, so it's really going to be a merry middle of January for many of my lovely Canadian friends and famdamily.

I gotta go to bed, it's the weekend so we're up at 7 am instead of 5am (glorious, simply glorious) and therefore it's less of an urgent thing to get to bed... but I be appreciating my sleep these days.

Speaking of sleep, I'm feeling the need to go on another trip. I'd like to go to Ireland I think, the next trip, but who knows! I even bought a travelogue about a guy who traveled across Africa... *sigh* how dreamy. You'd think I'd be happy being in a foreign country and travelling around to different cities, but since it only seems moderately foreign and I haven't seen any cool cities yet I'm kind of antsy, I guess.

So that and homesick (though that has eased in the past day or two) all in one, go figure!

Have a lovely weekend, and I shall catch up with you sometime soon. And please send me your addresses, these cards will definitely never get to you at this rate!



Holly said...

Hey Ev,
In case you want my little old address it's 54 Kenview Dr. Moncton, NB E1G 4S8. I MISS YOU!

P.S. Word to your Mom and brother.

Mom said...

In the background!! Sheesh, I spend a fortuner calling you!!
Gald you are feeling better and I was certain Santa would find in In TN.
"Tender TEnnesse Christmas, it's the only Christmas for me." sing along with me.....

I've been trying to send you snow but it keeps melting in the box and making a mess on my floor.

I love you.

Mom (in the background of course)