January 14, 2006

Hi, I'm Overworked

My needy the breaky now. Give please.

Whiny girls. I cannot handle it anymore. The tricky part is that I end up sounding pretty whiny myself, which does not help matters.

April is looking more and more likely. I'm a little up in the air about it, but I just can't see myself making it through the summer here. 140 degrees with the humidity??? What the heck!

I've gots to get more travelling in. Visiting relatives in Jackson, visiting Elvis. These things must be done while I'm here! But then I keep getting called into the office with grave looking people who inform me that I must work more days than humanly possible.

The funny part is that just before he called me in I was about ready to jump in a car and go home and forget the whole dang thing. Then he asked me to work more. Ha!!! So I said yes and I am.

I paid off my defunct credit card bill. It hurt at the time, but I do feel better that it's gone. Now... for the other $400 000 I owe...

People are having babies, getting married, and I'm moving back in with the family.

The more I say it, the better it sounds.



Anonymous said...

MOving back with the family???? As I have mentioned before. It is important to vote and I vote Evelyn live an independent life in her own apartment. (wink wink) More travelling you say? Elvis is fine and I'm certain very inspiring but the kind of travelling ur a wantin will take you far across an ocean or to deep cold north.

Be good and no whining


richmanwisco said...

Jackson, Tennessee? I have visits planned there. Hang in there. You'll make it out alive yet.

Holly said...

LOL ouch Mom, eh? I vote April. And if your mom really doesn't want you, i'll take you in! :P

Shannon said...

Ev'y i'm with Holly - i vote April - and you can hang out here cause I love you!!