January 11, 2006

No Worries

Don't worry Ma.

I let go of the whole little side trip idea just a little while ago when I was informed that I would indeed be working another day. Yes ma'am, that would be 20 days in a month where I'm supposed to be working 18. Yes sir, that means that I'll be working about two weeks straight with a couple of nights off in between.

So why the heck is my co-counsellor only on for 15?

I'm paid more. Great. The price of my sanity.

And then he asks how long I plan to work here for. Geesh. Can I go home tomorrow??? Apparantly things are supposed to change a lot for the better in Februrary. But I have to get through January first.

I have to go to bed, I have tons of paper work, and maybe even a little sleep in between...

I'm off for about 18 hours. So if you're able to call, just go right on ahead :)


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