April 17, 2006

Hi, Nice to Meet You.

And thank-you for letting me barf on your floor.

So yesterday was Easter, and being that Easter is fun and all, and people like to spend it with friends the Longley's and I went over to a friend of theirs to hunt for eggs and eat pizza.

One minor catch. I knew I wasn't feeling so hot. I knew that the kids had just gotten over a nasty bit of the stomach bug. But I was trying to stay optimistic and attributed the ill feeling to a nap earlier (since I usually feel gross after naps in the daytime...).

The pizza arrived. The feeling did not improve. I took a bite of pizza. I spewed chunks all over their floor.

It was awesomely embarrassing, and I can't quite believe that I actually did that. The great fortune of the whole thing, however, is that all of the adults were parents of small barfy children, and my uncle is a nurse who cleans up that sort of thing on a fairly regular basis.

It doesn't end there.

The moment we arrived back to the house (needless to say we cut the evening a little shorter than it may have gone), and I ran to the bathroom making it just in time.

The bathroom became a significant character in my night and early evening, as I visited the bathroom (painted a lovely kermit green, might I add, very fun) on repeated occassions. I.e. every 15 minutes from 10 pm to 5 am.

I don't know where it came from, but all I know is it sucked.

I still feel uber yucky, and though I haven't barfed in a few hours things are far from settled. This means that I shouldn't be flying on an airplane tomorrow, so I'm going to look into changing my flight plans this afternoon.

The kids were better after 4-5 days, so I haven't really decided when I'll fly. But whatevah, I don't think air canada wants a barfy (and etc.) customer on their hands.


Shannon said...

Wait... What?!? You can't be leaving later cause that means you'll be arriving later...
sigh I suppose my agenda will have to wait - as long as you're home for you're interview... and to see me.

frig I miss you!!AHHHHH I miss you !!!

Holly said...

Will Evelyn ever make it back to Canada? Stay tuned...

Emily said...

Oh Evelyn! I know the feeling. I've puked in more places in than I can count (probably in every single toilet at ABU), except... I was pregnant...Evelyn?

Evelyn said...


a big negative on that one :)