April 14, 2006

It is Finished

Right now, the five hours that I have left as a counsellor at Three Springs Choices seem overwhelming. I'm trying to keep in focus the fact that in the big picture of hours I've spent at this place, five hours is nothing and this will all be over before I know it.

This is my last post from this place. Ever.

I've never really quit a job before (except for that little gas station stint I pulled). Today I had an exit interview and signed the papers making this all very official.

There will be a fully digested post regarding my time here and how I've turned out at the end of it. But I think I need to be past the end of it before that can happen.

In other news: I'm going shopping in Memphis on Saturday, how cool does that sound? Little ol' me in a place like Memphis... I used to read a lot of books that featured Memphis, so this is to me a significant event. I can know hum the Paul Simon song with conviction.

It is almost done. I don't know that I became a particularly good counsellor, as most of the groups I've worked with were of the non-functionning variety. But I stuck it out (until I quit), and I'm most definitely ready to move on.

I must stop myself... it's 4:30 again tomorrow, and I have a long drive out of Alabama and into the great bluish yonder in the afternoon.

Fare thee well.

P.S. Forgive the irreverent title. The irony of having my last supper here on the night of The Last Supper occured to me just a little while ago. Though the similarities, of course, end there


richmanwisco said...

I doubt you'll see this in time, but I hope you visit Charlie Vergos Renevous for the best ribs in Memphis. Make sure you have them dry. Then head to the Peabody Hotel a block away and watch the ducks. In the lobby.

Beale Street is just a few blocks away, so head there to catch some music. A really neat city.

Shannon said...

Ev'y's Comin' Home, Yeah
Ev'y's Comin' Home Yeah
Ev'y's Coming Home Yeah....


Love Ya chick and Buy me something Nice!!!