May 04, 2006

A Contest

Sometimes when I have nothing to do I like to surf around.

Here's where I turned up one day. Though I have long contemplated entering a little known contest dubbed, "Blogging for Books", I have yet to enter. However, I figured that since I am friends with some literary types who are quasi-blogging types, I thought I'd lead you to this link, and to see what you do with it.

I'm not going to explain anything, as it is all explained here:

Have at it.

Oh yeah, and I made it home... with all my stuff... and I have a job interview tomorrow.


Holly said...

Yay! FC's in Canada! Are you staying in Moncton after the interview?? Call me.

niccib said...

Have I told you about ? If not check it out. I think you would like it.