August 03, 2006

Huh... um. Ok.

I kinda thought this would be a problem.

I get a call about an ad I put on to sell my guitar this evening (she had left a message earlier). She said she wasn't sure if she had gotten the right number because she expected a man's voice, adding a "no offense" at the end.
The voice mail says something like,"Hi, you've reached Barbara and Evelyn........"

So, for all those who've called my voice mail recently, I just want to let you know that the only stereotype I fulfill is the one about 20 somethings who live at home with their mothers. It has nothing at all to do with rainbows and good fashion sense.

Thank-you, and good night.


Holly said...

You have a guitar??? I want it! I'll seriously buy it... if it's a good one. Let me know before it's too late!

Shannon said...

So yeah... what's this place??

Ruth said...

Oh my Evelyn, that's funny. I recommend you change your voicemail!