September 17, 2006


So here we are, 3 am on another long night shift.

I worked 55 hours this week and was on the cusp of doing another 12'er making it 67, but the voice of reason stepped in and informed me that that kind of overtime requires permission.

I'm not scheduled until next Saturday, so I figured I could handle it. But that's ok, I'll just sleep tomorrow night instead.

I have an interview for a permanent part-time position next week. This'll mean a pay raise, I'll be in the union, and I'll be on the list that's called first for openings (PPT's are called before casuals). Not many people get the job on the first try. These interviews are a real competition, you get scored on presentation and etc. You know those unions, they like everything to be fair and equal! I'll probably know by Friday if I got it or not.

So I know it's a few days late, but did you hear the one about Condolezza Rice and Peter MacKay?? First of all, I couldn't believe that someone with as much power and influence as Ms. Rice would visit my home town of Stellarton, Nova Scotia. But then! It's on the Daily Show! It's on CNN! It's in the New York Times!

Stellarton, the little bedroom community with a Sobeys that could.

Anywho, I must try to stay awake somewhere else. So play safe, and have fun.


Holly said...

I like you FC and I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Ok So I can't comment with my account yet - Yeesh

- - -

SO The Daily Show, CNN?? What about Live at Five... LIVE AT FIVE I tell you!!! It was on Live at 5


Love ya!


Anonymous said...

I missed it!!!!!!!!!!

I dont' ahve cable, i dont' even get regular TV. I missed it!!!!!!!!!

I'll have to watch for the rerun.

Mighty Stellarton, who knew!!