September 18, 2006

Make it do what it do

For real, for real.

So it's 5:55am on another night shift. I thought that because as of yesterday I had worked 55 hours I wouldn't be called in again, but because of some sick calls I walked myself in for a shift last night. This brings my total to a wopping 67 hours worked since last Monday. Kinda crazy, but it really didn't seem any different than normal.

This time last year I was getting ready for the big move to Alabama. Crazy, no? At the time it seemed so monumental and huge and life changing. And while things do change, it really was only six or seven months... I guess things like that just don't seem like a big deal anymore. Go away for a year! Take a trip! Move to a place you've never been! And then you can be like me and complain about it while you're there and miss it when you're gone.

Did I just say miss it? Totally kidding. I'll take this job over that one any day.

The Mormons buzzed my buzzer again yesterday. At least I think it was them... If you ever come to visit me make sure you really lay on the thing, because otherwise I'll assume you have something to tell me about latter day saints and the like.

Time's a wasting, my shift is almost done and there are things to do.

Fare thee well, loves.


Shannon said...

HEy Ev;y I have the chance to be in Dartmouth on Thrusday - 6:00 till 8:30 ish

Are you free?


Ashley C said...

You and those Dang Mormons...I think that they should have a blog all of their own!

shannon said...

I'm on the phone with You...


You know what i'm talking about... Ciao