September 14, 2006


It's dead.

My computer died a viral death. I was sold a computer from someone (we share a last name, and the first name rhymes with Beara, but I won't tell you which relative it is, because I'm nice like that) for $100 and it was about $99 over priced. And this is even before my current issues.

I thought I had killed it, since I was deleting things. But apparently I just made the virus gods angry and they decided that suicide was the only option. All my photos are gone, which is rather unfortunate, though most are saved on a disk. For a mere $400 I could have it all fixed, but I think it'd be smarter just to get a new computer... they're not that expensive these days, right? I was going to use all the "extra" bucks to put towards my student loan, but now I have new priorities.

PC Medic couldn't even help me, but they sure did charge me money to try! He said if I knew someone who could do illegal things with XP then maybe there was some help, but I'm not holding my breath. He did tell me that they sell a pretty high end laptop for $599, so maybe I'll go that route (though how high end can it be at that price??).

So in conclusion, we're back to basic random blogging until further notice, when I can find the time at work. Though since I'm working 55 hours this week, you'd think I'd be able to do that!

Anyway, y'all have a nice life. I hope to be doused in technology at least by Christmas.

On a pleasanter note: Happy Birthday Shannon!!!! One quarter of a century today. *sigh* Seems like just yesterday she was older than the rest of us and complaining about it. I guess some things never change?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note...
I'm still older and my knees scream it from the stairwells.


Love ya Ev'y
Miss you tons!