September 25, 2006


So it's 2am, and I'm at work. Normally I have everything done by now and I can veg out to late night/early morning TV, but tonight the TV is locked up, and there are couches to a-right, and yogurt to scoop up off of the floor, and burned garbage bags to deal with.

Girls will be girls! But why do they have to flip out on my shift?

Yeah, it was a good night... I'm currently procrastinating some work, because it's going to take a long time to regurgitate all the evenings events on to paper. It doesn't make sense since the longer I leave the work the less time I'll have to do it in. But whatevah, this is how I roll.

Quick, ask me if I could hear the Rolling Stones concert from my house.

Yes I could. I heard Sloan do a few of their hits and then Alice Cooper doing "No more, Mr. Nice Guy" (my current anthem). I had to go to work before Kanye West hit the stage, so I missed Golddigger. It was still cool...

Yesterday there were 4 cruise ships, a Sarah Harmer concert, the close of the Atlantic Film Fest, an NHL exhibition game and the Stones concert. All told there were probably 80 000 people out and about yesterday, and I missed all the fun!

Anyway, back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man I was there - but I was in Eastern Passage - with Fam. in Law. It was fun, but we didn't see or hear anything - but surprisingly Traffic was good!

So When are you up in this neck of the woods agian?