September 22, 2006

Haven't the Foggiest

Halifax disappeared for a little while this week. The clouds descended and everything was gone. I looked out my window at night and I couldn't see any hint of a bright skyline. And it was muggy as heck, so I'm pretty glad it's gotten a bit cooler.

Work has been mucho crazy. A lot of sick calls (casuals to the rescue), and we're full to the gills with kids and drama. Super fun.

So today we had our interviews for permanent part-time positions. Getting one of these positions means a $2.00 an hour raise, and you're on the list of back-ups to be called first for any openings.

The interviews are a little different from the norm. You go in ten minutes early and they give you the questions. You then have 10 minutes to jot down and organize your thoughts and then head in to the interview where two people you've never met before write down everything you say and don't make eye contact with you.

This makes it objective, you see.

Anyway, long story short... I was one of the lucky ones to get a position and I'm totally excited. I wasn't expecting it as I figured there would have been people here longer who would score higher, but I got one! So now I have 36 hours guaranteed every pay period and I'm a part of the union. My term will be until Sept. '07, at which time I'll be applying for another position or going back to casual.

This weekend is the busiest weekend perhaps in Halifax history, what with the Rolling Stones, Sarah Harmer, NHL exhibition games, and the closing of the Atlantic Film Fest. But don't worry, I'll be working the whole time so I won't be getting into any trouble.

That's it. New and funny things happen everyday, but I'm afraid such things are now lost to the blogging world as I don't remember anything. But a raise means I can get a nice laptop, right???

ta-ta for now!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the job! Awesome!
Try to have a little fun at all those crazy events if you can, even if you have to work for alot of it!

Holly said...

Congrats FC! Sounds like a scary type of interview so kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot
I'm so proud of you!!!

Love ya!