September 29, 2006


So my cat is moving out west to chase mice at the oilsands project.

I knew from the beginning that this was a temporary arrangement, but I had convinced myself that my sister wasn't going to get around to arranging a flight for Mr. Kitty. But she did, and he's flying out this weekend.

I contemplated getting another black cat of similar size and sending it, since she hasn't seen the silly thing since June. But then I thought about kittens, and how lovely they are. And I got over my big dumb cat who pees in my bathtub (yes, I said it) and moved on. Now I have two kittens moving in on the weekend and I'm hoping that with two they'll be able to keep each other company when I'm gone, and maybe they'll be the calm variety that won't eat my newspapers before I read them.

They'll be from this bunch (there is/were 8 altogether). I don't like white or calico, so varying shades of gray suits me just fine. Two won't make me the crazy cat lady... right?

Any name suggestions? So far all I have are Luda and Busta. But that may be too ghetto, even for me.

Can you believe that next weekend is Thanksgiving??? Can you believe my brother is getting married next weekend??? I need a dress! I need a haircut! I need a riot shield!

Seriously. Who has a wedding a week after their parents settle their divorce? And then invites various other divorced family members, throwing them into a room together (not only with each other, but with their respective ex-in-laws) with alcohol and loud country music. This would make great reality TV.

Anyway, I gots to jet. We're at the computer lab with the kids and the bus is about to arrive to take us back to the centre.

Stay tuned for more episodes of "The Trials and Tribulations of Poser Redneck Families from Eastern Canada".



Holly said...

Awww FC, those kitties are so cute! You better hope they're litter trained though, or you might have pee in places other than just your bathtub...

Well your brother's wedding situation does sound a bit awkward... But a lot of us have been there and survived, and it's usually not as bad as you think it's going to be. Then again, I haven't met a lot of your family, so who am I to say? ;P

I miss you FC! You need to come to Moncton and visit!

Ashley C said...

If they're girls:

Coco and Delilah (my favorite online store)
Cinnamon & Sugar
Ethel & Lucy

A little of both:
Peanut & Cookie
Apple & Mac
Cott & Candy
Knit & Purl
Rosemary & Basil
Spay & Neuter

If they're boys:

Gizmo and Stripe (Yay for Gremlins)
Felix & Oscar
Snicklefritz and Scallywag
Cat & Other Cat

WOW, I have way too much time on my hands!


Anonymous said...

I think I like Cat and Other Cat.

Or Mom and Dad -

Or Shannon1 and Shannon2

You're blog always makes me smile - even if I don't feel like it!

richmanwisco said...

And 30 years from now, you'll all sit around, tell the stories, and LAFFFF!!