October 02, 2006

Jillian Jillian Jigs

Anyone ever read the Jillian Jigs books in elementary school? They were among my favs, I always wanted to try making some of the pigs. They were cute.

The reason I bring up pigs, is a close friend o' the famdamily is a collector extraordinaire of little piggies. Not the living breathing type, but the still-life, dust collecting type. To highlight the extremity of this collection, he brought home 300 items of pig paraphernelia (uh... how do you spell paraphenelia?) from his classroom after retiring from teaching. One room of his home, slightly larger than a single dorm room at ABU, is wholly dedicated to the collecting of pigs.

That is a whole lot of little piggies, and it makes me sad that there is now mention of breaking down this collection into little manageable bites and sending them off into the world. Perhaps it is because I am a collector in denial that I feel sad, but seriously how cool is it to have a whole room of your house dedicated to cute little pink piggies?? They make no mess, they make no noise, and they're fun to look at (I say I am a collector in denial, because I haven't let myself accrue anything in large quantities as of yet. If I let myself become obsessed with something, it will not stop. I would have houses and houses dedicated to piggies, or whatever it is I think I need to have a lot of... but I digress).

Anyway, there is no point to this, other than I need to express to The Internets that I am sad that a bastion of pigdom is about to fall. I am empathizing because I totally know how anxious and stressed out I would be if something I had collected had to be down-sized.

Yeah, random. I hope some special little piggies can come live at my house. I feel that I need to defend the rights of others when it comes to collecting.

I've been working a. lot. And I've lost the ability to make sense. Forgive me.


My Escape said...

Hey you! Just thougt I would let you know that I am a blogger now...:)

Ashley C said...

I went to the Salvation Army last week, to see what kind of goodies I could find. While there I found a set of apple green tupperware from decades ago. It made me think of your blog, and I had a little chuckle. Methinks, you could possibly be a collector of that if given the chance....lol

Yemeni Cricket said...

Hey Evelyn. Ever read "The Pigman"? Sean liked it, I hated it - we're more different than I thought. *sigh* Anywho, Sean told me that it would sound snobby to tell you that it's spelled 'paraphernalia' but I had to cuz that was one of the vocabulary words I taught in class today! Crazy, non? Hats off to silent Rs.

Andrew said...

Hi Ev! Just thought I'd say Hi, Ev.

Holly said...

Can I just say I love Ruth and Sean's pic?

FC I totally read those books, I loved them! They were a huge hit in elementary school.

Holly said...

Can I just say I love Ruth and Sean's pic?

FC I totally read those books, I loved them! They were a huge hit in elementary school.

Anonymous said...

FC - I want a Pig Room - Only and Elephant room.

I miss the valley with an Evelyn Twist...

we should do another road trip!

fracas said...

I have those books and have read them to my kids as well as my sister's grandkids. That makes me old doesn't it? Hats off to you for protecting the right to collect pigs!