September 10, 2006

The Road Less Travelled

So Florence isn't going to hit us afterall... ah well, one can only hope, right?

I've heard this rumour that there's a walking trail that runs along my side of the harbour, so Saturday morning after my night shift I decided to check it out.

I read that the trail is supposed to officially open next weekend, and for whatever reason I thought this must mean that it's completed now. But it's not. In fact, it comes to a rather sharp and pointy end 1/2 a mile from my apartment. And because I was too embarrassed to retrace my steps and pass the construction people who had waved at me frantically (I thought they were being friendly?), I climbed through the thorny bushes and someone's backyard in order to get back to the road.

Good thing I have a sense of humour, or I wouldn't have been able to laugh at that thorn in my croc.

So in the past two weeks I've had a wisdom tooth pulled, "lost" my keys and my bank card (they were in my raincoat pocket the whole time), been hounded by Mormons, and broke my computer.

My theme song, "Wake Me Up, When September Ends" by Greenday.


Anonymous said...

~~~~~This note, from Shannon~~~~~

Hey Ev'y,
I'm sorry you seem to be having such a rough time, at least you got out and got some fresh air...

So wanna come visit me??

Love ya


Holly said...

FC I love reading your blog for the one simple reason that it always makes me laugh really hard.