October 28, 2006


Just because I don't update that often any more doesn't mean I've stopped blogging. I have several mental entries already written, but when I sit down to bring them to the people, my "operating system" crashes and I forget what I wanted to say. Some have been recovered...

For instance, if you were in my brain on Wednesday night you would have read this:

"I bet your night didn't include a $5 taxi ride and six bags of IV saline. Cuz mine sure did".

No the IV's weren't for me but I can't really tell you the details due to my staunch stance (say that five times fast) on confidentiality. Let's just say three little kittens fell into a pile of "catnip" and accidently got some up their cute little noses. One of those kittens was particularly small and we couldn't wake it up. So off to the hospital we go! All three kitties had an IV just to be on the safe side.

They weren't really kittens, so you'll just have to fill in that gap on your own.

In a completely unrelated incident an ER nurse told me that I must have more patience than she. Seriously, an ER nurse! I'd take misbehaving kittens over massive head wounds any day.

And there, I can't remember anything else I was going to say so I'll just have to discuss my take on the TV. Cuz that's how cool my life is.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Awesome. I triple heart loves it. It makes me feel smart watching it, even though it's a TV show about the making of a TV show. So that's false reality on top of false reality. Makes you care about things that aren't real, instead of thinking about things that are real. Thereby preventing you from interacting with real reality, and doing anything of real consequence. But still, a good show.

30 Rock: Re: commentary above, minus the awesome. Because it's awesome like someone else's rotten egg stinky feet.

20 Good Years: Bleh.

Friday Night Lights: I loved the movie, even though I don't really tend to like football movies. Everything is satisfactory, though I have a hard time watching it. It's filmed with handheld cameras, sometimes an interesting effect, but in this case it makes my eyes hurt.

The Nine: Enjoyable. Nothing spectacular, but I hope it doesn't get cancelled because I'm digging the storyline.

Show(s) that are new to me:

Lost: I tuned in one evening to discover the old guy and the hobbit were being chased by a polar bear. A polar bear! On a tropical island! Really though... but then I recalled an episode I caught a few weeks prior and remembered that "Conflicted Bad Guy" had been locked in an abandoned polar bear cage as part of some intricate human experiment run by those affectionately known as "The Others". So it was all perfectly normal.

I guess that's it. Miami Ink, Little People Big World, and anything about house flipping tends to round out my viewing habits, with a few CBC documentaries thrown in for good measure (did you catch the one on Spam?).

Thursday night was smushed in between two all-nighters, so I was up for most of it just to allow for some sleeping regularity... To me it seemed perfectly normal to be boiling newspaper at 12 am.

Seriously, have you tried papier mache? The story goes like this: I've been getting the paper since August, even though I haven't been paying for it (that's my little way of sticking it to the man). But instead of throwing it out like the good little recycler that I am, I've been saving a few months of papers in my storage closet. I didn't realize exactly how much paper 3 months would be, so now I have a lot. Anyway, the idea of papier mache came to me in a vision, and I've been chomping at the bit to try it ever since.

I googled it, and it's not just for pinatas! I found many inspirational websites... So last night, I boiled up some newspaper (one day's worth, I still have a lot to go), making a pulp, mixed it with two cups of flour and voila! A cheap clay-like substance! I made a birdhouse with a milk carton, and covered it in the goup, plus a bunch of small "beads" in the hope of fashioning some kind of kooky necklace. I've learned that I need a bigger pot, boiled newspaper stinks, and the long the better... my pulp was a little clumpy.

The other way to papier mache (I'm a poet), is the more common dip the strip (there I go again!) in the homemade glue and stick it on something. I didn't have the right kind of armature last night, so I tried the other way.

It'll take a week or so to dry, but it was fun and I'll probably do it again. So start looking forward to tacky papier mache ornaments comin' at ya in the mail, cuz all I got is time (that's not a promise, because it probably won't happen).

Is anyone else getting three paycheques in December and totally excited about it? I sure am... It's like there's one magical chunk of money right in the middle of the month! It doesn't have to go to rent... it doesn't have to go to bills... what to do! (Shut-up student loan, I hear you yelling at me back there! But I'm ignoring you!). Maybe I'll go on a magical trip to a magical land, and buy magical things like mops and ottomans. Mmm, ottomans. I used to have a green camping chair where I want to put my new comfy chair, but one of my kittens (a real kitten), peed on it. Now there's just this big gap awaiting direction.

Dang the hot chocolate machine at Tim's wasn't working... No 2 am treat for me! I'm off to watch re-runs of CSI. Helps pass the night.

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Anonymous said...

Wow So much info, and so little time to read and re read (laughing makes it hard to read.
Ev'y I LOVE Papier Mache! and Not just because I'm a kindergarten teacher, mostly because it's messy and I'm that Kind of Kid.

When are you travelling this way again?
I'm not sure when we're getting down to the city... but when we do we'll call!!

Love you!