October 17, 2006

Still Here

Oh how I long for the days of steady blogging... *sigh* A computer is still a distant dream, it comes right after things like neutering my cat and a winter coat. Not that neutering my cat or getting a winter coat are related in any way, other than I have to pay for it... "See my vest! See my vest! Made of fine gorilla chest!"

This afternoon I was sitting around with 4-5 teenage girls (the "troubled" variety) knitting and watching Dr. Phil. It was nice and cathartic. The problem with teaching someone to knit, however, is you end up knitting ten different scarfs and the pretty pink one you started gets picked up by someone else and turns into a lopsided dishcloth.

Not that I'm bitter.

It's starting to get cold, and things are starting to go wrong with my apartment. The deadbolt is getting rather sticky and everytime I open it I'm afraid the key is going to break off, the kitchen sink leaks if any water sits in the pipe and my heat doesn't really work. Or maybe it does, I don't know.

I try to hold off on turning on my heat until the very, very cold winter months, but since it's included in the rent I decided that, having nothing to prove and all, I would forgo watching movies in ski gear and just turn the darn thing on. Did you see that Corner Gas episode when Oscar and his wife are getting the termostat fixed and each freak out because they disagree on what room temperature is?

Well I'm having the same experience. Only with myself, because the termostat goes from 1-5 instead of an actual temperature. I guess it means 1-5 degrees above some arbitrary temperature set by an old man with a scary cat? I don't know, but I'm having a thermdentity crisis, and I think I'll have to get one of those thermometres with the little birdies on them so I know what I'm feeling.

There's a big craft fair here in the city this comin weekend and I super duper wanna go. 450 craftsmen! I love looking at the coffee filter angels, and the quirky toilet paper holders. Usually everything is overpriced and I could make anything I wanted myself, but who has the time!

I am however, planning on getting a Christmas tree this year. I'll probably be working a ton during the holidays since that's when people like to take time off (and I'm a filler-inner), so it'll make things nice and Holiday-like when I'm around the place. That or super depressing... mmm egg nog...

Anyway, there are curious noses around, so I'm gonna make like a tuna and melt. Keep in touch.


Ashley C said...

It's 72!

No, It's 70!

LoL, I love Corner Gas, We've been having a Saturday night love affair for quite some time now. How sad is that?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to the craft sale... but i have family comign - maybe they will want to go too...
maybe i'll let you know

Emily said...

All I'm picturing is you sitting in a snowsuit complete with toque, googles and ski poles and watching corner gas

Anonymous said...


Try WD-40 in your lock, that might just work


Emily said...

SO.. Evelyn.... did you forget that I live to read your posts???
You can't be working that much

Anonymous said...

i miss you.
Sigh I really do!!!

how did the craft sale go?

Evelyn said...

Didn't hit the craft sale as I was working, maybe I'll get to the one this weekend... but I'm also working...

teehee, emily said googles when she meant goggles.

ashley - it's not sad. It's beautiful.