April 05, 2007


A girl spit in my face this evening... I tasted lip gloss.

It's beyond disgusting.

You'd think that in my particular line of work that kind of thing would happen more often, but that would be a first for me. It means different things in different cultures. In the south that's practically the same thing as declaring war. Whatever it means to you, I've been nauseous all night...

Here's an aside: If someone youth or adult, does something that is illegal and you're the one who decides whether or not to place charges, place charges. Let the judge be the one to decide whether or not the individual deserves a second chance because you have no idea what kind of history that person may have. Maybe they need some jail time, some real consequences... Deciding not to charge someone or lay a complaint is not always an act of mercy. Sometimes the merciful thing to do is start the judicial process. That's what it's there for.

The honestly has nothing to do with the first subject, but I've seen it happen a few too many times... I'm all about giving someone a second chance, but second chances come in many shapes and sizes.

Did you know that the Great Wall of China is not visible from space and that only one in 100000 calico cats is male? Me neither! Now we're smarter together.

The more you know.

It's Easter soon, and by george I hope I'm not working... I need a vacation.

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Shannon said...

Ev'y I miss you and need you in my life.

where did you find those facts? I was sure that the wall fo china could be seen - i was mislead.. sigh