April 01, 2007

I've Made a Huge Mistake

I forget what it was... but I'm sure there was one...

It's actually a recurring line from "Arrested Development". A great show that they don't make anymore but now lives on CBC in perpetuity.

The kitties are doing fine. Thanks for asking.

I think we're just past the time of year when everyone feels humdrum, but I'm kinda in that humdrum tone of mind today. It's probably because I've been awake with the bats for the past two weeks and haven't stocked up on any of that vitamin K they say is good for you. Even my freckles are starting to get pastey.

There's a bunch of positions coming up at work, which means I have to apply and jump through the flaming hoops again. It's not my favorite activity, but if it pays the bills! Speaking of work... I need a life. It's really getting to the point of ridiculousness. Why am I putting off the things that are important to me so other people can do things that are important to them? That's basically what it comes down to. When I book off time, I need to keep to that and not bend to someone's requests. It's happened several times in recent memory and that is also adding to the humdrum.

Someone today mentionned a book club thingy at the library. It's probably something I'd like to do, but me no likey the strangers. I don't want to say I'm an introvert, but new things are scary. You'd think I'd have gotten over that after getting in a car with a stranger and driving 30 hours to a place I've never been to do a job I've never done? But no. Despite the fact that I live by myself, doing things by myself is not my fav. It's always easier to do nothing, but definitely not as enjoyable.

A vicious, vicious cycle.

I think it all comes done to frickin' confidence. Somedays it's there and you feel like you've finally conquered the slimy ingrate. But then there's other days when Monsieur Confidence slides from your grip, and that's usually interview day or try new thing day. That jerk.

*sigh* At least scrapbooking loves me. Come on camping... I'm just about due for an infusion of da luv.

That probably doesn't sound like I means it to sound...

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