February 10, 2008

Nothing of Significance

You know how sometimes you get songs stuck in your head? Somedays I have a word stuck in my head... it replays itself in various parts of my inner monologue but it rarely creeps out in real conversation. I'll also see it spelled out in various fonts. Is that weird?

The other day I had the pleasure of driving the old '95 Camry that I call home over the 250 000 mark. It was nifty and if anyone has an extra set of struts and shocks you can send them my way. We don't just try to avoid pot holes, we swerve as if the existence of time and space itself will be ripped in twain if we hit it the wrong way. Anyone needing some help in progressing labour can go for a ride in the back seat. If that doesn't do it, you weren't pregnant in the first place.

Is it possible to get mini migraines? I feel like maybe that's what I get... there's sensitivity to light and certain noises, and it usually starts with a whole lot of nausea. Unfortunately I was eating some smoked salmon at the time of the nausea, so I don't think I'll be having that any time soon.

I just finished reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini, and it was perfect. It's a lovely round ball of literary goodness. It takes place in Afghanistan over a period of several years, and I can't say enough good things about it. I won't tell you anything about it, but you definitely need to read it. There's a movie based on the novel and it's in the theatres here until Wednesday so I'm going to try and get out to see it.

Speaking of Afghanistan, I think we need to stay there... There's going to be a confidence vote in parliament over the extension of the combat mission there, and I think that unless the local authorities are fully capable in handling security, we should stay and help. We're not even giving them prisoners at this point because they're being tortured in Afghani prisons... I'm pretty sure that if it were possible to end the combat mission they would, and that the Canadian army using guns just because they can, and if that were no longer needed they would change tactics. At least I hope so. But if their hands are tied and there are less options it seems that things could destabilize quite quickly.

Then again, I've never been there so really, what do I know?

My nephew is coming soon! Just under a month left unless she goes way overdue, which is entirely possible. Despite his growth and the shrinking space he has to play in, Sheamus is still moving around quite a bit and it is very cool. And weird... like an alien trying to break out of her intestines. I think he was trying to moon us the other day, unless that was his head poking through.

I guess that's it for random thoughts of the day. I hear we're supposed to have a snowstorm tomorrow, so enjoy!


Ruth said...

Hey Ev, it was great hanging out with you last weekend. I've missed you. We must do it again sometime.
And I love the description of your car.

Holly said...

I'll remember who to call if I happen to go over my due date...