April 09, 2008

Twilight before the Bloom

I like this time of year. It's around this time that I know I've reached the end alive, and though my flaky skin remains to tell the tale of a battle against indoor heating, I know that my oatmeal moisturizer will once again reign triumphant.

Soon things will start blooming, right after that last dollop of winter not dissimilar to the last popcorn kernel that pops just when you think the bag is done. I heard my grandmother once say that yellow is the first color of the year to show itself, followed by purple... I can't remember what comes next, all I know is it's pretty and probably smells nice.

In other news, my job at work as changed a little. I've moved across the hall and am now working with teenage boys. Boys are gross, and they do gross things. They stink, and burp, and stink, and pick things and then wipe it on the couch. And my word the stench of the feet! The rotting shoes! The blackened socks! Don't they notice??? Blech.

Boys also require a lot more energy. Girls at this age really don't want much to do with you. You're there to facilitate their lives and make sure they're well supplied in Tinkerbells to colour and fake nails to adorn their nicotine stained fingers (smoking's down, didn't you hear, which I think means lying is up, but I digress). Boys on the other hand, want to play with you, and argue with you, and tease, and run around, and be told nice things, and talk to you when it's time for bed because they don't wanna go to sleep.

I'm usually pretty tired at the end of a shift now, a good tired mind you, but tired none the less. I think it might even be easier to build a relationship with the boys... I don't like saying it's easy, maybe it's just faster, I don't know. I've definitely done more "youth care" over here in the last week than on the female side. It's nice though, I'm glad to see that I don't suck at it. Cuz that would be bad and I would be fired.

Saturday is the baby shower my nephew. It'll be a small crowd at my apartment, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm a bit addicted to planning and tend to go a wee bit overboard with the list making, but as long as I'm enjoying it I don't really care. The problem is getting other people to acquiesce to what I need them to do.

Today I ordered, "Announcing Baby Boy" photo thingys from Walmart and was genuinely impressed with the process. I clicked some buttons and they were ready and printed at the store 3 minutes later. I wish everything were that easy! I have the next two days off, so I'm going to start gathering supplies. I've recently learned that I love shopping for baby stuff, everything is so cute! The struggle is to find clothing outside of the blue spectrum, so I bought something red today to attempt to counter balance. I'm planning on attempting a diaper cake, I'm sure there will be photo evidence in a few days.

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